Classes and Workshops

Bravo for wanting to learn more about integrative medicine! 

Your patients will I feel better physically, emotionally and heal faster! Your personal health can improve and stress managed so you enjoy life more.  I offer a variety of classes and workshops to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, facilities, caregivers and individuals alike.

Healthcare professionals and caregivers benefit because they learn new skills to help their clients and themselves decrease physical and emotional pain, enhance the immune system and their mood.  These therapies also strengthen the connection between provider and client.

Individuals are able to treat common ailments holistically and improve their immune system to prevent illness from occurring in the first place!

Facilities benefit because patient satisfaction and staff satisfaction improve.  Some facilities have even reported a decrease in staff sick days.

Health and well-being happens when the mind, body and spirit are in harmony.  Drugs alone cannot accomplish that.  All of the therapies I teach work with the whole person with the goal of returning balance and harmony to that person.

I am honored to guide you in your journey of integrative medicine.  Below is my current list of classes.  I also travel to facilities to present them.  So see what calls to you and check it out by clicking on the link to learn more!