Are you a woman in pain?

Being in pain – whether physical, mental or emotional – affects every aspect of your life.

Do you experience any of the below?

  • Chronic fatigue,
  • irritability,
  • sadness,
  • insomnia,
  • depression,
  • back or neck pain,
  • feeling disempowered

These are just a few examples of the manifestations of pain we experience.  Western medicine will give you medications to mask the pain but not resolve the root cause.  Medications are sometimes necessary and can help control symptoms while you learn techniques that can alleviate or resolve your pain holistically.  That is where I come in. I specialize in integrative medicine.

You are a woman who would prefer not to take medications – and  increasing your medication is the only option your doctor is giving you and you want something more – this integrative approach is exactly for YOU.

YOU are a woman in pain who is ready to have more energy, sleep better at night, be able to move your body with ease, feel more joy, have more fun with your spouse/children and friends, and feel empowered. NOW is the time to take CONTROL of your pain so you can live life on your terms and have the full, rich life you DESIRE. I’d love to chat and find the BEST solution for your pain experience.

Through integrative medicine I can teach you and your body to truly heal. Each package below is designed to benefit the depth and level your pain is at. As you read this if you need guidance on the best package for you, please contact me, there is no reason for you to be a woman in pain any longer!

Integrative Health Package

This package is for a woman in pain if you’re experiencing more chronic forms of pain such as depression, chronic fatigue or physical pain longer than 2 months. The package also is useful if you have an illness you want to address (like high blood pressure) and want to decrease the dose or get off medications. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are going through treatment, or are in hospice and desire support and an improved quality of life, this system is for you.  If you are feeling “stuck” from a life event that happened months or years ago such as the loss of a loved one and you find yourself withdrawing and not participating in activities you usually find fun – this package can help. Learn the details of the “Integrative Health Package” here.


Medicinal Aromatherapy Sessions  

If you are looking for alternatives to synthetic medications to alleviate occasional aches and pains, headaches, fever – or you desire natural first aid or the enhancement of your health and well-being – this is the package for you.  If you desire to use less medication for chronic illnesses such as GERD, arthritis, asthma etc essential oils can help.  Medicinal aromatherapy is different than using great smelling essential oils you buy at the store. Learn more about the POWER of MEDICINAL Aromatherapy here.


Everyone experiences pain differently – YOU are UNIQUE physically, mentally and emotionally.  That is why one therapy or oil that worked for a friend may or may not be effective for your pain.  So although I have a system that helps people alleviate their pain, the sessions are individualized to your personal needs.

Come and talk with me in a complimentary strategy session!  We can discuss your pain challenges and concerns. As a nurse (RN) and a holistic healer we can talk about the FIT with what your current doctor is doing, and how we can start a deeper journey into healing!