Integrative Health Package

  • Is your physical pain stopping you from enjoying activities with your children or preventing you from working, leaving you feeling sad, disappointed or resentful?
  • Is stress or burn-out causing you to dread going to work and feeling fatigued all the time?  Do you frequently feel angry with co-workers, family or friends?
  • Are feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety causing you to withdraw from your spouse or friends and disengage with life?
  • Do you feel “stuck” in your life and don’t know what to do to move forward?
  • Has a diagnosis of cancer or other serious illness flooded you with so many emotions you can’t think straight?

I can provide you with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support while you address any form of pain or illness.  This can lead to faster healing, fewer side effects from treatments, less medication use, ability to find the root cause of your issue and feeling more positive, relaxed and energized.

You deserve to feel:

  • calm and relaxed even when challenges occur at home or work,
  • that physical pain is easy to manage and alleviate pain ( with or without over-the-counter or prescription meds), able to do activities with family and friends
  • energized and joyful, life is taking you in a positive direction
  • supported physically and emotionally
  • that you are enjoying life to the fullest.

As an RN in conventional medicine for over 30 years I know addressing just the physical body frequently does not result in healing of the whole person. Have you ever experienced an injury or surgery and it healed slower than expected or you had lingering pain?  All the MD could say was, “everything looks good so just keep taking the pills until it is resolved.”  That is a perfect example of not addressing the emotional or mental components of the issue. Integrative medicine is the ideal way to help your body, mind and spirit to heal.  Are you aware your body has an innate healing ability and wants to be in balance and harmony?  The therapies I use and teach you to do on your own help your mind and body to return to that state of peace and balance.

If you are dealing with cancer or serious illness the sessions give you the emotional and spiritual support to help get through the treatments; you experience fewer side effects and feel more positive.

If you would like a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your challenges and get more information click here.

You see many times pain (yes even physical pain, I have a personal story about that) develops because we are not following our true self or we are holding onto old fears, anger or resentment.  Many times you are not aware of these feelings; they are in your subconscious mind. Your mind and body are intricately connected and both need to be addressed for true healing to happen. That is the power of integrative medicine.

After resolving my own pain and working with hundreds of patients I developed a 5 step system for alleviating all forms of pain. My Integrative Health package utilizes these steps to address the body, mind, and spirit and gives you the support you need to make the breakthrough to help alleviate your pain. During the sessions, you will feel a profound sense of relaxation, peace and release old patterns that have kept you in pain. Physical pain is diminished. You will experience “ah-ha” moments that help you re-connect with your TRUE self so you feel more confident, happier, and sleep well at night.  

I know you are serious about getting your pain under control! I invite you to contact me so we can discuss it in more detail.  The integrative Health package is ideal for a woman in pain who:

  • Wants to add holistic therapies to what she has already tried.
  • Desires to be an active participant in the process of truly healing.
  • Is open to new ways of healing, and will take time to practice new techniques.
  • Desires to work with a practitioner who truly cares about her success.

I will do everything I can to provide you with the support and accountability you need to be successful so you can start to make the changes necessary to help FREE YOURSELF from pain.

The work I do can be done in person or across the globe (this is called distance healing) – the results are the same. I have worked with people in Austria, New York, Arizona and all over California from my home in Northern Calif.  Skeptical about that?  Check out the testimonial from Debbie C.  It all has to do with quantum physics and energy having no boundaries.  One way to think about it is energy travels great distances and quickly every day.  Think of satellite dishes for TV or radio waves. A distance healing session goes like this.  First I connect with you by phone or skype to start the session.  You need to be in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed.  You may play soft soothing music if you like and be in a comfortable position.  Then you close your eyes and relax while I do healing touch as if you are right in front of me on the table.  When doing imagery work we talk via phone or skype as if I were in the room with you.  When the healing portion is completed we talk again and then end the session.

One Client’s Story

A client came to me complaining of various symptoms she thought was related to stress at work.  She was having difficulty sleeping at night, frequent headaches, digestive issues, fatigue and it was affecting her relationship with her husband.  During her first session I gave her essential oils to use at home, taught her some techniques that she could use at home and work to break the stress cycle and administered healing touch.  A few days later she reported she was sleeping better at night and her headaches occurred less often and not as intense.  We continued to work together and started exploring what caused her stress using healing touch and guided imagery.  What she discovered was it was not the job per se but the fact she really wanted to return to school for a degree.  After approximately 6 sessions all her symptoms were resolved or greatly improved and her relationship with her husband was fun and lively again.  She spoke with him and ended up quitting her job and returning to school full-time for her degree. She continued to use the stress relieving techniques and essential oils to help her manage stress and prevent becoming ill.  


My integrative medicine process consists of 5 steps that we will explore in depth in this Integrative Health package:

  1. Feel better NOW – break the stress cycle
  2. Relief beyond medications
  3. Get beyond trauma/fear
  4. Make it last
  5. Prioritize you – Self-care

In addition, you receive:

  • a comprehensive initial assessment,
  • 3 healing sessions,
  • Up to $30 worth of essential oils that your body desires
  • Other resources as needed such as self-care energy techniques, other guided imagery downloads, meditations etc.


  1. Relaxation for Healing Starter kit – downloadable mp3
  2. Essential Oils handbook.


Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and chronically fatigued?  Do you desire support for your WHOLE self – body, mind and spirit – while dealing with cancer? Are you serious about living a happier more joyful life? Participating in activities you LOVE with people you care about? Are you sick of being limited? Taking OTC drugs to “cover” the pains that ail you? My 5 step Integrative Health Package is for you. 

YES! I am ready to HEAL- I am contacting Laurie Ratto today!

Still not sure this is right for you?  I’d love to talk about your pain issues and whether what I offer would be of service to you.  As an RN, and holistic healing professional we can discuss what is BEST for you and your life! If I am not the right fit I have a rolodex of holistic practitioners I can refer you to.  You have nothing to lose! Set up some time to talk today!