Laurie Presents on Integrative Medicine

UNLEASH the Power of Integrative Medicine for Improved Patient Care
– a Healthcare Professionals Guide –

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Laurie Ratto is a change agent in the health care arena.  As an RN with 30+ years in western medicine she understands the frustration of not being able to alleviate patients’ anxiety or pain when medications were ineffective.  She understands the frustration of caring about patients but having limited time at the bedside resulting in patients feeling like they are just a number.  She found new innovative ways to address these problems and now she wants to bring them to you!

In her journey to resolve her own chronic pain without medications she discovered holistic therapies.  What she learned was so life changing she opened her own practice.  Her deepest desire is to bring these therapies to healthcare professionals and caregivers so more people can benefit and heal faster. Health care is changing, integrating these therapies into hospitals and skilled nursing facilities will enhance healing, improve patient satisfaction and boost staff morale.

Her presentations introduce you to integrative therapies that can reduce stress, pain and anxiety in patients and yourself.  These techniques also help the patient “feel” that you care about them.   This increases patient satisfaction.  Self-care is emphasized and the therapies boost your immune system resulting in better health and well-being and fewer sick days.   Many hospitals throughout the US are embracing integrative medicine because it is safe, effective and saves money.    


Speaker Topics

Integrative Therapies That Improve Patient Outcomes and YOUR Health

Decreasing pain, stress, and anxiety results in faster healing, less complications, earlier discharge and increased patient satisfaction.  These safe, effective therapies are wonderful self-care tools and great in promoting health and well-being in the practitioner as well!


Essential Oils – Safe, Effective Method that Complements Traditional Therapies

Aromatherapy is very complex and works on the physical, emotional and energetic levels to promote healing and well-being. Physical and emotional pain can be alleviated.  Every system in the body can be supported with the correct oil and with minimal or no side effects.


Introduction to the Art and Science of Healing Touch

Learn about energy medicine and Healing Touch.  Enhance your life and the lives of those around you through understanding the energetic world in which we live and learn simple techniques that you can share to promote body-mind-spirit healing.


The workshop was very experiential with an introduction to many useful oils. I left the workshop feeling renewed and uplifted. I would definitely take another workshop from Laurie.

Donna Cahill,
Vice President Healing Touch California


Using guided imagery, essential oils and other healing therapies, Laurie was able, in this powerful workshop, to bring my stress level (and my shoulders which were up around my ears) down from extreme to calm.  She teaches and demonstrates modalities that everyone can use to heal physical and emotional pain.

Linda P.  RN
Walnut Creek, CA