UNLEASH the Power of Integrative Medicine for Improved Patient Care
– a Healthcare Professionals Guide –

My free gift to you!

I always have anxiety when I fly and in fact we were at the airport and I could not get out of the car I was so anxious. We had to postpone our vacation so I could get this under control, which cost us a lot of money.

Laurie from 3,000 miles away and over a short phone call she was able to give me a treatment. I didn’t feel any different at the time. But when my alarm went off in the morning for me to go on vacation I had about 3 seconds of anxiety and no more since. . I am so glad I had this.

Debbie Chambers, New York

Working with Laurie has been a life changing experience.  I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with her and experience her healing ways.  Right off, I was attracted to her blend of western and eastern healing knowledge.  She represents a unique balance as an R.N., energy practitioner and aromatherapist.  Through the use of the essential oils and energy work, she helped me release some long held feelings that I have been holding on to in my body.  Through her authentic caring and professionalism she creates a safe place for these feelings to be released.  I have felt lighter and more positive after these sessions.  She has brought my body and energy into balance.  Although I had experienced guided imagery in the past, the process with Laurie had a more powerful impact on me.  I experienced some “Ah-ha” moments that I have found to be significant.   Laurie has also worked with my two daughters.  We have all benefited from her skill, knowledge and healing touch.

Amy Cassidy, Radiance Life Design

I found Laurie’s energy work wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. My experience of her is professional, caring, and knowledgeable; her background as an RN is a huge plus for me as well. Not only is her bodywork therapeutic, the essential oils she uses in her treatments are fabulous and of the highest quality. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Cillesa Ullman, Oakland, CA

“Laurie is AMAZING. I have had the pleasure of seeing her at least 3 times so far and each time I leave so refreshed and at peace with the world. When I first met with Laurie, I was dealing with a lot of stress at work with new management and policies being implemented. She helped me relax and taught me ways to self-heal and calm myself down. I was really at the breaking point with my job and felt physically sick. I had a lot of headaches, backaches, stomach/digestive problems, and caught colds often– all associated with the stress I dealt with at work. She gave me essential oils that helped calm me down and bring me to a more peaceful state of mind. Some of the oils even helped me get over my colds quicker than usual! I couldn’t believe how powerful her Healing Touch really was! I am doing much better now thanks to Laurie and the methods she taught me. I am again dealing with a change in management staff– but this time around I am much more prepared and ready for the challenge. I will continue to see her on a monthly basis to keep my stress at bay. =) Thank you so much Laurie for all that you’ve done. “

Regina Ford, San Leandro, CA

This year, I developed a chronic ankle injury following an injury at work. Everyday I suffered and relied on Naprosyn to get through my days. One day Laurie spent time with me doing Healing Touch.

As soon as she was finished there was instantaneous relief. The pain has not resurfaced. Laurie has a special healing gift and I’m glad she’s sharing it with the world.

Trenettee Harris Oakland, CA